Playing through Klonoa.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 12.29.11 PM

Hi! On a beautiful trip to a couple of video game stores in Pittsburgh, I happened to score two used Wii games — neither of which are actually, y’know, rare or anything — Klonoa, released in 2009, and de Blob 2, the MAYBE (I have yet to play it) inventive platformer that pretty much tanked developer Blue Tongue. I liked the first one, so I’m sure I’ll like this one, too.

(Insert three sentences in which I explain that I had already owned Klonoa back when it was released but traded it in because I’m a total buttface.)

Klonoa is a special series for me. It or Pandemonium kickstarted my whole love affair for the 2.5D platformer, a bygone relic of the late 90s, and I tend to say Klonoa to strangers (this subject always comes up so naturally!!!) because no one likes Pandemonium, at all. (I enjoy it, shhh.) I was maybe twelve or so when I rented the original game for the PSX, so it holds some nostalgic memories of me being entranced by its very Japanese gameplay. It is a slow-paced, beautiful platformer, and my goard look at all of the things you can walk around and in and through!! Actually, as is obvious, it’s hard to explain what really makes Klonoa work the way it does for me… it just does, and I hope to be able to get there someday.

Which means, pretty much, I’m going to dedicate the next month or so to all of the Klonoa games — including the PS2 sequel that I might have played a minute or two of at best. Even on this rinky dink site that probably accrues about 10 hits per month, Klonoa deserves some exposure, because it’s so little loved and unheralded and that makes me kinda sad.


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