I have a cat.

Since the last post before the last post, I got a cat. It’s been a bit insane. He and the other cats in this house do not get along. He mostly resides in my bedroom, occasionally going out for strolls out on the town (the rest of the house) whenever the coast is clear(er than usual). He does this:


A lot of cats do this. This is not unusual. In fact, this is fairly typical. But, I have a cat. I think he’s great, even if he is an American Short Hair and the only really distinguishable thing about him is his constant, terrifying Charles Manson eyes and his secret, eternal source of insane energy. So, there you go.

The “I’m going to sit in front of the TV now, okay” thing happens all the time. If I’m not spending one second paying attention to him, he gets restless. He wants to know I know he’s there. So he plops his butt in front of the TV, usually while I’m in the middle of some super difficult section of something or other. Of course, in the picture, he’s just sitting in front of Nintendo Land, a game that is hardly “super difficult.”

But, yeah. I love cats. His name is Malkmus. I wonder if I can tie him into the site somehow. Four Malkmuses out of five?

(Oh, and for the record — I liked Nintendo Land. It’s a good launch title, one of my favorites, probably. Shelf life is fairly minimal, though, unless you have some friends. That game would totally get four out of five Malkmuses.)


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