What I’d Like to See At E3

Obviously only related to Nintendo stuffs:

Pikmin 3: During Nintendo’s disastrous E3 showing in 2008, Miyamoto quelled the burning fanboy flames with a really rushed, kinda sad reveal in a tiny conference after the big show: Pikmin 3 is being worked on, and it is coming.

My cynical nature at the time concluded that this was just something to throw at us, something to make us not hate Nintendo so much during that year (what an awful E3!!!). And the almost three years since the sort-of announcement has only fueled my suspicions about the title. But with the 3DS here and the Wii 2 coming, something tells me it will be fully revealed this year.

Probably more Pikmin, obviously better graphics, and maybe some new, interesting wrinkles in the already fantastic gameplay. Portable or not, I want Pikmin 3 and I want it NOW.

Wii Successor: I haven’t really commented on this too much, because everything so far is pure speculation aside from the fact that it exists and will be shown at E3. My one real hope, aside from a way better online infrastructure than the Wii has (and a great launch lineup, can we have Mario maybe?), is that it gets released soon. Early 2012.

More 3DS games, to be released this year: I want some surprises from Nintendo and the third parties. Over the past few years, they revealed games like Yoshi’s Island DS (which got huge applause — and then subsequently kinda sucked, sigh), Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, etc etc — and then released said games later in the year, during the holiday season. I want some surprise games like this. Both for the 3DS and the Wii. It has to be both: the Wii is dying and the only things I’m playing on it right now are old (albeit fantastic) GameCube games, and the 3DS is a boring little system with no great games so far.

Concrete release dates for important, already known 3DS games: Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Super Mario 3DS, Starfox 64, Professor Layton. Third party: Resident Evil Revelations, Bit.Trip Saga. Make me excited about the $250 system I now own.

Skyward Sword release date, as of late Japan only Wii games: Support the Wii until Wii 2 comes out as much as possible.

That’s really it, although admittedly those are some big shoes to fill. However, with Nintendo rapidly declining in sales for all its hardware and games, one would quickly realize that it is important for them to surprise us. And not in an E3 2008 kind of way.


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