I <3 Pikmin

Today I sold my other nerd friend my old GameCube for $10. Hey, I said she was a friend. The only real functionality I lost was the ability to play old GameBoy games on my TV, something I haven’t done in awhile.

We were browsing GameStop for old GameCube games, for both her and I, and came across Pikmin 2 for $39.99. Pricey, but after my trade-in of Ridge Racer 3D (what? I only gave it TWO STARS!!) I got it down to a more manageable price.

Pikmin 2 for the old GameCube is fantastic. It came out in 2004 and is Nintendo’s sort of version of a RTS game, but with an insane amount of whimsy and polish. I love it, it was worth trading in a boring racing game for.

If you haven’t played it yet, at least pick up the recent re-release for the Wii. It’s the first iteration and worse in some ways, but it’s still Pikmin. Addictive, beautiful, weird Pikmin. Which leads me to only one question: when the hell is Pikmin 3 coming, and to what system? (Totally two questions.)


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