Kirby 64; Awful StarFox GCN Game

Dear Nerd Diary,

Last night while watching some YouTube videos of the new Kirby game (it looks pretty fun!!), I turned on my Wii and started actually playing Kirby 64, a purchase I had made over two years ago and really did not even start to play. That is the state of my money problem — I buy things and then do nothing with said things. The simple ACT of buying something is worth it for me, almost more than the game experience itself. I might as well be buying salami in bulk!! EW!!! I HATE SALAMI!!

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (or Sharts as I will now call it) is AMAZING! What a cute, simple, FUN platformer for the good ol’ N64.

I am enjoying it quite a bit. It’s very slow paced and easy from point A to point B, but not if you want those three secret Crystal Sharts in every level. You have to really work for them. Also, special to this Kirby game is the ability to combine powers, which leads to an endless supply of goofyness. Ice + Bomb? SNOWMAN THAT EXPLODES. Bomb + Fire? FIREWORKS KIRBY. Ice + Rock? A CURLING PUCK.


Love, Matt

P.S. Don’t buy StarFox Assault just because SF643D is amazing. Lesson learned. It is pretty mediocre.


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