3DS Will Be $80 Less This August

Nintendo is insane. Come August 12th, the 3DS will go all the way down to $169.99. This is a phenomenal price, and anyone and everyone should pick it up for such. But it’s also hilariously terrifying.

We all knew the 3DS was overpriced (especially via news that producing each one cost Nintendo a paltry $101), but this seriously confirms it. Those who waited until good games came out were the smart ones, at least in comparison to the other twelve people (me included) that bought one at launch.

Around eighty dollars less (or more including tax), this paints the most obvious portrait of failure ever. The 3DS is simply not doing well, at all. Sales are dismal: in the past three months, the handheld has only sold 710,000 worldwide. Less than a million across the globe.

Nintendo is softening the blow for everyone who stupidly bought it already by offering 20 free games from upcoming NES (yawn) and GBA (alright!) virtual console selections. Yes, the 3DS will now offer games from those two systems in a few months.

Twenty free games is a fucking lot of free games, but I’m still paranoid the 3DS will become the next Virtual Boy.


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