Club Nintendo: Game & Watch Collection 2

Not sure if I will officially review the game since it’s pretty rare and basically a giveaway, but if I did I’d probably give it three stars. Who knows, man.

What I do know is that it’s a fun little thing for those who don’t mind absolutely brain-dead simple score attack games. And it’s free. One feels that it’d probably be worth something in a few years.

There are two Game & Watch titles from the early 80s on board, along with a “remix” that combines both of them. Both are aquatic in nature, and the surrounding menus are attractive and sort of adorable. Also, said menus are way less ugly than on the first G&W Collection.

Parachute has you rowing a boat to save parachuting people from the shark infested waters below. You move left and right, catch them, and that’s it.

Octopus has a bit more depth, albeit steeped in a game design that is rather random and sometimes unfair. Using one of three guys, you go into the ocean while avoiding an Octopus as you gather treasure and bring it back to the boat. It’s fun, but it’s almost impossible to gauge how the Octopus will move his stupid tentacles.

Of the two games, I have enjoyed Parachute a lot more, which is unfortunate because it’s also by far the more simple game.

The remix of the two games is exactly what you think it would be — save the parachuting dudes on the top screen, avoid octopus while getting treasure on the bottom screen.

For 800 Club Nintendo coins, it’s one of the more pricey prizes on the North American store. Is it worth it? Should you save your coins? That depends — it’s an actual game you can enjoy, in short spurts. New items that appear in the store usually happen to be things like towels, push pins, pouches, folders/stationary (yech); so something like G&WC2 — as simple as it may be — is rather appealing.


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