Oh Yeah ——

So the hiatus began and then promptly ended the next day after my last post. I traded in some video games (the only solution for ppl like me, who need that $$$) for RE: Mercs 3D, which was worth it even though I haven’t touched it in a week or so.

And then Nintendo quietly and much to the dismay of nerds wanting BIG TITLES like Super Mario Land 2 and Wario Land and uhm etc etc re-released Qix for the 3DS Virtual Console, and I bought it because it was three bucks and became really addicted.

And then I ordered my Platinum push pins from Club Nintendo, and then I entered in all of those Club Nintendo codes I’ve been holding forever and gained an easy Platinum status again.

And then my sister came home, and we had a lot of fun playing two completely different video games: Just Dance 2 (HEY DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT) and Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest.

And my dad was amazed with RE: The Mercs 3D. I was too, it looks amazing. Although when the enemies are far away it looks like they’re having seizures.

And then five minutes ago I realized I should have been blogging about all of this and stuff, even though I’m still fairly unimpressed with a lot of new video games lately. And then just now I realized this entry is AWFUL!


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