Whatupnintendo is going on a hiatus. Reasons:

1. Video games are expensive. My life is gearing up for a pretty big change in less than a year, and I need to save money as much as possible. That means video games in general are kind of out of the equation. $50 to find out I only sorta like a video game (which has been an ongoing trend the past few years) is just not worth it anymore.

2. My interest in next few months is next to none. I’m excited for the late 2011 3DS games, and the Wii U. I’m excited for the Playstation Vita. But everything that I’m excited for is six months or more away. There is little for me to really talk about since I have no desire to do something like news (sites like GoNintendo and the major outlets already do it flawlessly). I’m sure I could come up with interesting articles about gaming in general or gaming in the past, but that’s all I can really think of. Reviews are kinda boring.

3. Speaking of boring… I’m bored. I haven’t lost interest, no. As uncool as it is to say, video games will always be a part of me. It’s just that I’m in dire need of some new, fresh ideas. The idea of buying/playing yet another rehash (which is 99.9999% of the crap that gets released on a weekly basis) makes me sick to my stomach.

So, I’ll come back someday. I might do a piece on Bit Trip Saga/Complete (3DS/Wii), and maybe I’ll get around to reviewing that backlog of mine (see a few posts down) slowly.

Thanks for maybe reading some of this, I hope you enjoyed it a little.


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