OMG Reviews: Trajectile/Pop Island: Paperfield

I’m going to shorten my reviews considerably on certain games, especially downloadable titles. Why? Because it’s my blog, ya dingus!!!

Trajectile (DSi/3DS, $4.99)

Q Games made this — the Pixeljunk dudes (as known by Playstation fanboys). And that’s why you should probably download this on principle. These people know what it do. Shitttt.

Trajectile is a game in which you launch pre-selected missiles at “enemies” (multicolored blocks). It is as simple as it sounds, except the types and amount of missiles they give you and the obstacles between you and said enemies makes it a lot harder than you’d (read: I’d) probably like. On top of this, there are so many levels in this game it’s kind of mind boggling.

The presentation is a bit of a drag — not many options to choose from, and the fonts are kinda ugly. This is more than made up for with catchy music, amazing level design, and great controls. Holding your stylus on the screen and moving it around sets the path for the missiles, letting go blasts them away. It’s all very simple and intuitive. Rivals any Angry Birds out there.


Pop Island: Paperfield (DSi/3DS, $1.99)

Since I am a wizard, I can sum this up in five words: CAPTURE THE FLAG WITH PENGUINS.

At least it’s pretty fun?? Well, playing by yourself is really boring. This is further compounded by the distinct lack of any online whatsoever. Local multiplayer is obviously the way to go — so I’d recommend on buying only if there’s another DSi/3DS nerd nearby. Fun, simple times will certainly be had.

The characters are cute (you can be an eagle, a penguin thing with skis for legs, uhhhhh, a tank, etc), the graphics are so 1998 it’s not funny, the music is crazy (lots of horns), and the presentation intentionally obnoxious.

For two whole bucks, you could do a lot worse. Unless you bought like a really good hot dog instead.



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