Playing This New Wii Motion Play Thingy Doo Dad

Yours truly has been playing Nintendo’s new Wii Play Motion, just released this past Monday. No, I didn’t buy it. It was a birthday present. So WHATEVER.

Is it fun? Yes.

Is it simple? Yes.

Is it a little too simple? Maaaaaybe.

There are 12 slightly-bigger-than-mini games included, most of which are fun and utilize the Wii Motion Plus controller (which is included) in inventive ways. Reminds you that there thar Wiimote thing is more than a glorified NES controller.

Motion gaming seems to finally be going out of style, at least for the Wii and PS3 anyway, mostly because of a bunch of failed promises throughout the years. (Quick — name two Nintendo published games in the past year that actually utilized the Wii Remote Plus!) It could have been taken way further than it has, and Wii Play Motion proudly and bittersweetly reminds you of this fact. Aside from some duds, most of the games on hand really show you how accurate the controller is in depicting movements.

I’ll go into further detail in a future review, but it’s worth mentioning that the game is pretty fun and definitely a small step up from the original, sorta maligned Wii Play in 2007.

(Also, the upcoming Wii U requires Wii Motion Plus controllers for local multiplayer, so if you haven’t gotten one yet or could use another, $50 for a controller and a full fledged game is not a bad deal.)


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