Hey That E3 Thing Happened

And it was good!!!

Wii U: Dumb name but so was “Wii,” and even though we’re used to it by now it still sounds like a slang for penis or something. I’m going to call the new one Wii University all the time. Penis University. Penis U.

Tablet like controls, HD Nintendo experience — I’m THERE. Not incredibly super excited for some reason, but yeah. What really wet my whistle was…

3DS GAMES: Oh by the way, I have this handheld called the 3DS, which cost me as much as the upcoming Playstation Vita, a system far more amazing spec wise and feature packed. It’s tough to not mention how underwhelming owning a 3DS has been so far: launch line up sucked, no games for months, and no way to download anything.

UNTIL A COUPLE NIGHTS AGO!!! The eShop came out really late Monday night (I waited, along with a bunch of other nerds on the Twatter) and with it we got free 3D Excitebike (hey, it’s free! More like FREE-D!!!), not to mention some old GameBoy games like Super Mario Land (YAY!!!) and Radar Mission (……………….uh).

After E3, Nintendo lovingly added a bunch of 3D trailers for upcoming 3DS games as well. Speaking of upcoming games…


Honestly, Luigi’s Mansion 2 was the highlight of E3 for me. Better than that new cute Animal Crossing trailer (which looks as finished as it can be — come out already!). Better than the new 3D Mario game due out this year. And certainly better than Mario Kart, which honestly looks exactly the same as Mario Kart Wii but you can race underwater and like, glide in air or something.

Supposedly being made by Canadian developers Next Level Games, the game looks fantastic both in 3D and not. Basically a continuation of what the first game was all about, except in three dimensions and with multiple mansions to explore. So excited.

I’ll have more impressions/reviews of eShop stuff soon.


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