I Still <3 My 3DS

It’s been almost a week since I played my 3DS. Random urge to play some Street Fighter (and lose) happened tonight, and I showed off the game to one of my roommates. He was amazed. I almost had forgotten that the system was capable of producing that sort of awe in people.

I started thumbing around my incredibly modest selection (of three) 3DS games, and pulled out Pilotwings Resort. It’s still fun, kinda dull but still fun. The 3D is pretty incredible.

Games on the horizon are looking decent — Bit Trip Saga, Animal Crossing, that new Zelda remake, that new Cave Story remake — believe it or not, I kinda find the PSX-ish graphics of the Cave Story remake to look pretty charming. And who knows what’s going to happen at E3!!

Anyway — this 3DS being inactive business, this general feeling of “meh” right now in regards to the still pretty new system — the best times are still ahead. I’m excited.


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