Continuing on the topic of maligned Mario side-games, I have been as of late slightly attracted to the dumb sports ones he has been in for the last four hundred years. Y’know, golf, volleyball, hockey, dodgeball, tennis, uhm, some other stuff too, baseball…

Mario Super Sluggers is only $20 now, via the new and hilariously late “Nintendo Selects” line (budget prices for older games, what a NOVEL idea!!), and should never be bought for more than that.

Above everything, there are inherent problems with the controls — everything is motion based, but not 1:1. This makes fielding especially finicky and slightly cumbersome. You can also utilize the Wiimote on its side, which is a mixed blessing (of course) — no motion controls at all, yay!! However, there are far too few buttons for far too many commands.

What is surprising is the amount of depth of this primary colored baseball heaven has. With a nunchuck attached, you can pretty much do everything from (really awkward) fielding to running specific players to specific bases to stealing said bases, etc. It’s nowhere near as indepth as, say, an EA Sports title, but it’s fun and funny and has a lot of weird characters from even more maligned Mario main games like Super Mario Sunshine (score!).


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