Mario Party Is Alright Sometimes

No one loves Mario Party, because it was the casual’s game of choice for a billion years, not to mention Nintendo whored it out for 8 iterations in like 7 years. Every single chapter in the MP saga is the same, a few boards to have your character walk around with a mini game at the end of each turn. Whoever gets the most stars wins, etc etc.

Years pass and Mario Party is a bit more passé. Thank god, the games are now finally under $50. (Except for 8. Never get 8.) Truth is, Mario Party 1, 2, 3, 7, 6, whatever — they’re all actually good games. And with each new one came a more polished and robust system, somehow. (Although 8 sucked. Never get 8.)

Mario Party 2 is on the Wii Shop Channel, that awful clunky thing, for a mere 10 bucks. Yeah yeah, it should be like $5. Anyway, 10 bucks for a pretty good time with some drunk friends who don’t hate playing a game that has some random british guy (?) screaming “STARRRRT!” everytime a mini-game filled with rainbows and clouds with smiley faces begins.

Mario Party on the GameCube got better. Jenn, my pal, got the fifth one for 20 bucks used. Not bad. It’s really nice — graphics are smooth and pretty, the boards are cute and fun, the mini-games easier to control and you can be on teams. I know I know, sounds really exciting.

MP is also nice when you’re in the pits, when life hands you a basket full of lemons or something your grandma would say. It’s simple fun, and the feeling of fucking your friends over by stealing all of their stars is kind of next to none.

Just don’t get Mario Party 8.


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