Steel Diver: Could Have Been $10.

I have yet to buy or play Steel Diver, mainly because the content looks so thin and the reviews have been so bad. Some hardcore Ninty fans love it, but the facts are facts:

As most know, the game was once a DS tech demo all the way back in 2004, as seen above.

Seven years later, the simple (albeit, according to most reports, sorta fun) tech demo was released as a full fledged retail game, for $40 on the 3DS.

Aside from nicer graphics and apparently a kewl 3D effect, the gameplay looks exactly the same (with different control placement) as its 2004 tech demo brother.

According to the latest Iwata Asks, the game was completely finished for the DS before Miyamoto got more involved and wanted it as a 3DS game instead.

As a DS game, it would have been about $30. But it gets worse —

In the same interview, we find out that Nintendo of America requested the game to be sold, minus a couple modes, for $10 or less as a DSiWare downloadable title.


(Side note: I’ll buy the thing when I find it used for five bucks, I guess.)


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