Missing Metal Gear Solid

I loved and adored the original Metal Gear Solid for the PSX back in, what, 1998? It was great. Best Christmas gift ever. The entire family joined in too, well, the gaming part of the family. It was a suspenseful, creepy, amazing game. One of my more cherished memories from the late 90s.

After the PSX, I never got into the PlayStation brand as much for some reason. Many remember the PS2 fondly, but I have virtually no memories of the system because I never owned one. Which was probably a mistake, considering in retrospect there were quite a few games on the thing that were totally worth owning and getting into.

Such as the Metal Gear Solid sequels. It’s been over 10 years and I haven’t actively played a main Metal Gear Solid game (have played Ac!d on the PSP, but that’s a little different…)

It’s been nagging at me forever, so I’m starting over fresh. Just ordered Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for the GameCube, going to borrow someone’s PS2 and MGS2, and am patiently waiting for the 3DS iteration of MGS3. I feel good about this.


One thought on “Missing Metal Gear Solid

  1. Well man, I understand that you like Nintendo, but if you do like metal gear solid as well and want to follow the history through the games, dont have “Twin Snakes” as a base, play the original one from 1998 for PS1, because “Twin Snakes” was not developed by Hideo Kojima and Konami, it was just supervisioned by konami, and even Hideo Kojima dont have approved it and dont consider the game part of the series.

    I do reccomend every metal gear solid, less this one.

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