Nintendogs is the Best 3DS Game (So Far)

My name is Matt and I have a confession to make: I’m not the biggest fan of fighting games. They’re fun, don’t get me wrong… but something hasn’t clicked with me since Tekken 2 back in 1997. Needless to say, I haven’t personally played much of Street Fighter IV, which is the one game to get for the 3DS according to, well, everyone.

But what if you’re not everyone and think fighting games are merely okay? Then perhaps a more sophisticated tamagotchi will cure your sad launch blues!

No, but, uhm, seriously!!

Nintendogs on principle has always been embarrassing, especially if you’re past the age of 12. Somehow yelling “Spot!” or “Cupcake!” to your DS is fine and dandy until you’re in public, and then it is suddenly mortifying. Which is why it was a game I played for five minutes in 2005 and not one minute more.

Something (probably not good..) happened in six years, because now Nintendogs no longer scares me. I think I’m now fine with shouting at what appears to be an inanimate object to passersby.

I think.

If you are sort of past the self-conscious stage like me, or crazy, you might be interested to hear that Nintendogs + Cats has depth. Yes, Nintendogs. Even if it’s something only the patient will ever notice.

There will always be something to see and do via frisbee/lure/obedience competitions and long walks to secret stores. Your dog named Fluffy or Poofy will get better at tricks and hopefully stop pooping everywhere. Your cat will always be sassy and hilarious. They will begin trusting you, wagging tails and all, which is as creepily heartwarming as gaming gets.

More importantly, it utilizes the 3DS hardware better than 99% of the launch titles. The Streetpass function is fantastic feature (a simple transfer of pictures, items, and future playdates with another owner’s dog if their 3DS is nearby). Place the bulky 3DS in your pocket and you can take a dog on a real life walk (sort of) with the built in pedometer. Simply pressing L or R anytime will quickly snap a picture of whatever crazy antics your pets have gotten themselves into.

Since it’s hard to sell anyone on a game about li’l puppies, maybe some hilarious (to me) pictures will suffice — although probably not:

Somehow got a picture of Jazzy (my cat) jumping in mid-air. Insane kitty.

Here, Jazzy looks insane.

Jazzy being very protective of a toy mushroom.

Detective (my dog) being ABSOLUTELY FILTHY.



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