Quick Review: Picross 3D

Since I am an old grandpa inside, I agree with everyone on Amazon regarding Picross 3D. It’s simply a fun time that is impossible to put down. If you like Sudoku or, uhm, Picross, you’ll really like Picross 3D.

Each puzzle is a simple 3D cube of numbers that you can rotate at will. A casual glance at said numbers will tell you which blocks are part of the hidden picture, and which ones are not. Controls are intuitive — simply hold up on the d-pad to chip away the unnecessary blocks with a MALLET, or hold right on the d-pad to paint blocks that you think belong.

If you haven’t played Picross before, it’s a little hard to explain. However, the in-game tutorial does it wonderfully. It’s basically Sudoku but somehow slightly more addictive, which is probably dangerous. (Visit http://www.picross3d.com/demos-tips.html to try it yourself RIGHT NOW!!)

Picross 3D has a billion puzzles to wade through, all of which will suck hours of your time (some have to, as they get pretty difficult — not that you will mind). Once you complete every single one, you’re also able to download a whole bunch more. After you’re done burning through the 30+ free downloadable packs, you can even make your own puzzles and play your friends. For $20.

A lot of reviews mention a “lacking” visual presentation, but I have no problems with it. It’s an oddly distinct mish-mash of various conflicting styles, which somehow gels together because it looks so inviting and fun. I even love the creepy bird block mascot, who hovers above every single puzzle you try to complete.

If you like puzzle games, or being late for work, you should get this.



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